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Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Zainudin Adnan,

Hey baby.. I know you're reading my blog now hahahaha!! =D

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hahah I know that this is very backdated already but yeah people, Happy 2010!!

Wow, it's been nearly a year since I last updated.. Like what the heck, my background was gone, no wonder people kept on saying they can't read my blog.. Then never tell the reason!! Buat paisey je background "account no longer active"..

Sometimes when I have things to blog about, there will always be stuff hindering me from blogging.. And when I have all the free time in the world, I will be too lazy to blog and play games instead..

So life has been different for me now.. I'm 22 this year.. Have worked for Singapore Airlines, now working for Northwest/Delta Airlines.. Withdrawn from school due to job commitment.. Received GST Money and no longer telan air liur looking at the rest of my familia receiving gahmen money in the past years..

I'm still single and am loving it.. Now I wear the singleton dress proudly because that word means freedom, free to do anything I like, not obliged to anybody except for my parents..

I have been spring cleaning my room last month and I've found stuff that made me laugh and few stuff that brought back sad memories that used to haunt me many years back..

There were the exes, the notes containing arguments with friends, notes written to friends when bored during classes, neoprints, photos and many more stuff..

And there are also the junks, junks I've managed to accumulate despite cleaning my stuff like twice a year, there are simply too many junks, like 75% of the junks at home would be my junks.. Now is the time to let go..

Sometimes I feel like I've grown up too fast.. I've found myself staring out the window on a clear day reminiscing my childhood life.. I'm lucky because my childhood was filled with fun and laughter and I wasn't controlled to just stay at home, I can go to any neighbour's house, free to play with anyone and I can go out anytime I want, and will only return when my mother shouted out the window or at least, before maghrib.. I would stay out the whole day.. If not, I would be reading my favourite fairy tale books or watch my fairy tale tapes.. In a nutshell, I didnt have a deprived childhood like most kids are nowadays =D

But of course the boring thing for me now is that I have to pay my own bills, I'm paiseh to ask my parents for money, I buy everything using my own money.. But those are the stuff that taught me to be an adult..


Even the word "adult" sounds boring.. Haiz..

So what's new with me.. Been single for 2 years and w/in these two years, the guys I met were all plain jerks who thought that I'm a better option than their existing GF.. WTF? Do I even look like an option? Dudes, I'm not an option and I'm nobody's second choice OKAY??

Guys are getting stupider than I thought.. Our moms have to shout at our fathers 3times before they can get what our moms are asking for but guys NOW will have to be shouted at 15times and they will only get half of what we're trying to say or sometimes, none at all.. LOL

It's 10.07am while I'm writing this.. Have been up from Subuh and havent slept till now.. Like what's wrong with me? My sleeping patterns change everyday.. Yes, every single day.. And due to that, my weight fluctuates like nobody's business and it is MY business to ensure that I don't get fat!!


I need life.. NOW!!!

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's been too long since I last updated.. And the last thing I updated was about me going on hiatus..

Gotta start blogging again.. To make money (haha!!) and also ultimately just to express myself..

I've reached 21 (yaayyyy!!!) on a beautiful date (ceeeyyy) 090609.. See? How can I not say it a beautiful date? Cey aku hahax!!

So what have I achieved? For someone at this age, I dare say it's practically none.. Yea.. Nil.. Zero achievements.. And no people, I'm not talking about having a new boyfriend here heheh..

School commences this July.. And there's Smoking Peacock, hopefully my other 3 partners have enough money to start the business because honestly I can't afford to chip in as of now.. Haiz..

Life's been stressful lately.. I'm facing financial constraint.. I don't wanna depend on my parents anymore. If I could afford, I'd love to take over paying all my household bills but too bad I have to spend loads of money on my education first.. Thanx to Lee Foundation I only need to pay half of my total course fees but that doesn't mean I have more money to spare. I'm not earning as much as my peers do,or at least should, but Alhamdulillah it's enough for me to survive and maybe spend a little..

I'm seriously searching for a part-time job whereby I'm free to create my own shift.. And please, I don't want be a barista, it's not even an option, and I don't wanna give tuition anymore unless I'm really desperate..

Or any guys out there, if you think you can afford to pay my school fees which costs a min of 4k every semester, feel free to email me yeah hahahahaha..

Peace out people!!

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am on hiatus right now.. Too busy to blog.. C ya around people!!!


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Friday, January 9, 2009

Je veux épouser un homme français. Je ne sais pas pourquoi. Je veux juste de se marier un. Haiz..


Il est peut-être parce que je trouve que les hommes français, sexy?


Je ne sais pas..

You people must be thinking that I'm crazy blogging in French.. Ouh well it's cause je veux épouser un homme français..


Go figure ;)


secrets within @ 12:05 AM

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